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Transforming communities through the power of food and celebration

Support No Res Gourmet's mission to end hunger in the US through activations that unite communities and empower individuals to thrive.

Programs and Services

The Gourmet Meals Program is No Res Gourmet's flagship initiative, focusing on providing high-quality, nutritious, three-course gourmet meals to individuals in underserved communities. By using fresh, whole-food ingredients, and offering plant-based options, we promote healthy eating habits and ensure that our meals meet the highest nutritional standards.

The Community Permaculture Program is an educational initiative aimed at empowering schoolchildren and local communities to grow, harvest, and prepare their own food. Through hands-on learning, participants gain valuable life skills and a deeper understanding of the importance of healthy eating and environmental stewardship.



No Res Gourmet offers diverse volunteer opportunities for individuals to contribute their skills and passion to a higher purpose--whether it's meal preparation, gardening, event management, or program promotion. We provide training and support to empower each volunteer, thereby fostering personal growth, development, and community.

Our Approach


Conscious Intention

We create a celebratory atmosphere at each event, believing every meal served is a chance to foster connection and joy. Positive energy is infused into every interaction, ensuring an uplifting and memorable experience for everyone.



We prioritize local, organic produce, eco-friendly practices, and environmental stewardship. This commitment extends beyond nourishment, but to support and nurture the health of our planet for current and future generations.


Community Power

Uniting communities, we create lasting impact, reinforced by educating younger generations. This approach of learning and cooperation cultivates an informed society, empowered to achieve food sovereignty and sustainable progress.

of your donations go to program costs. We are a volunteer-based organization, and there are no salaries. Every dollar you give goes directly to helping one more person in need in our community.

We’ve served over 100,000 gourmet meals to disadvantaged people in Los Angeles, Miami, and other areas since Christmas Eve, 2019.
Help us grow our impact.

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So, why gourmet? Why not just a meal?

We firmly believe that everyone, especially those in need, deserves access to the simple experience of a well-prepared meal. In a world where many go without this basic human pleasure, we aim to bridge the gap by offering meals crafted with love and intention. Gourmet meals not only nourish the body but also restore a sense of dignity and respect to those who receive them. For those who often lack access to such experiences, this humanizes and uplifts, conveying the message that they are valued members of our community. Join us in this mission to provide more than just food – join us in restoring hope and humanity, one gourmet meal at a time.

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