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About Us

No Res Gourmet's mission is to end hunger in the United States by harnessing the transformative power of food, celebration, and conscious activations, creating a replicable system that unites communities and empowers individuals to thrive.

Our Vision

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating food insecurity with a holistic approach that blends nutrition, education, and immersive experiences. At No Res Gourmet, we unite communities through innovative service models, emphasizing unity and well-being. Our initiatives, designed to address the distinct needs of diverse groups, strive to create a replicable system that not only nourishes but also empowers, promoting a culture of health, food sovereignty, and environmental stewardship.


Meet the Team

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Firas Ayyad

Founder, Director of Operations

Firas, has a rich background in social activism and the non-profit sector, and holds a Masters in International Affairs and Economics from UC San Diego. Driven by a lifelong passion for service and community building, he's worked with many local and international charities, including a program with the United Nations in Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank.

As a Palestinian refugee himself, Firas deeply connected with the challenges faced by vulnerable communities, particularly the homeless in Los Angeles. Motivated to make a tangible difference, he started a small initiative from his home kitchen, which grew into a significant non-profit that has served over 100,000 meals and fostered partnerships with shelters and organizations.

A passionate musician, Firas has managed a sound camp at Burning Man for several years. His love for music and community gatherings played a crucial role in shaping the vision for No Res Gourmet, intertwining his interests in celebration and service to create impactful, positive change.

Erik Armstrong

VP, Director of Community Relations

Erik's involvement in local and international non-profit projects spans many years. As the co-founder and operator of the UmSo Water Project, he has been instrumental in building water wells in remote Amazon Jungle villages, addressing the critical water needs of tribal communities. Additionally, Erik leads efforts to establish intentional communities globally, including a collaborative village in Bahia, Brazil.

Erik's advocacy for the homeless led him to No Res Gourmet, where he evolved from volunteer to a pivotal role, significantly contributing to the organization's growth and partnership development. His culinary expertise and commitment to a plant-based lifestyle were key in founding the Community Permaculture Program, teaching food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture to schoolchildren.

As an organizer and operator of a major Burning Man camp, Erik ensures thousands are fed annually at the event. His ethos and dedication continuously keep No Res Gourmet's mission in alignment, intertwining community service and engagement.


Christine Lloyd

Board Secretary

Christine serves as the Secretary of the Board for No Res Gourmet, combining academic expertise in Economic Administration with a notable corporate insurance career focused on operations and compliance. Her pivot to sustainable agriculture and holistic health emerged from a transformative sabbatical as an organic farmer on Italy's Amalfi Coast. This experience, which significantly impacted her personal health and well-being, underscored her belief in the power of food as medicine.

Currently, Christine applies her insights as an Ayurvedic dietitian consultant at local farmers' markets, harmonizing ancient dietary wisdom with modern nutritional practices. Her commitment extends to local urban agriculture, where she aids in maintaining a backyard food forest, deepening her knowledge in sustainable food systems. This diverse background fuels her dedication to advancing No Res Gourmet's mission, particularly in fostering education and awareness around sustainable agriculture and the interplay between health and nutrition.

George Stavrianidis

Board Treasurer

George is a key member of No Res Gourmet's Board of Directors, serving as Treasurer, bringing his extensive fintech expertise. As the Founder and CEO of an innovative fintech firm, he has a deep commitment to financial innovation. George's financial prowess was developed at Prudential Private Capital, where he demonstrated significant skill in financial analysis and business evaluation, particularly in distressed debt and restructuring. His experience includes managing major capital deals for prominent non-profits, showcasing his understanding of non-profit finances.

George's tenure at Morgan Stanley's macro trading desk further refined his expertise, enhancing his understanding of global markets. He holds a double major in Finance and Economics from Rutgers University, underpinning his robust financial acumen. George's comprehensive financial knowledge and experience are vital to guiding No Res Gourmet's financial strategy and mission.

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